Vision Websters provides performance, administration, and recovery solutions for data management across all major database platforms, including Oracle, DB2 UDB, Sybase, MS-SQL Server, IMS, and DB2 on z / OS. The solutions are based on profound subject matter expertise that allows you to manage database assets in a centralized, automated, and standard fashion, eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies and reducing the specialized skills required to manage different databases.

At Vision Websters we design custom Web-based database applications and solutions (or database-driven web sites) that allow your customers to shop, browse and search catalogs, perform research, or receive and create personalized information.

Most online sites have their presentation layer and their content layer mixed together as web pages for example. These types of pages are known as static pages. Ideally what you want to do if your site has a lot of content is to have it presented to the browser from a database. These types of pages are known as dynamic pages. They are not hard coded into a web page like static pages instead they are created on the fly when a user clicks a link to view the information. Once the server gets the request it talks to the database and extracts the requested information.

With database design techniques we can create a custom database solution for you that will keep your data organized and make it easy to update.

Regardless of what you're trying to accomplish if you have a fair amount of information that will be displayed on a Web Site then you should consider some type of custom database solution. The alternative is to create many web pages that will need to be manually changed and maintained requiring additional time.

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With the Vision Websters Database Management Solutions, you can:

  • Dramatically reduce manual efforts and guesswork for database administrators (DBAs) by automating both routine and complex tasks and providing guided expert advice for a number of situations

  • Improve DBA staff productivity by allowing them to view the “big picture” and drill-down to the details of system, database and SQL performance

  • Optimize database availability and performance by dynamically adapting databases to changing workloads and by performing various maintenance activities with minimal hardware resources and no production interruptions

  • Customize database recovery at the application level for business-critical applications, such as SAP and Siebel, by planning, recovering and monitoring the databases that underlie the application

  • Achieve fast, reliable database recoveries by automatically detecting and restoring missing files

  • Optimize availability and performance by proactively detecting, diagnosing, and automatically correcting database problems, including end-to-end data recovery

  • Simplify database administration and broaden DBA reach and scope by streamlining workflows and controlling and managing change

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) across your enterprise by managing data growth and complexity more efficiently

  • Manage more databases and adapt to more business changes—with existing skill sets and less effort—by managing a heterogeneous database environment using one centralized, common toolset

  • Enable IT to determine database-related event impact on business services by correlating events with a service impact model and assessing their business relevance
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